Supporting Your Project
Our experts are ready to push their limit from heavy, oversized cargoes to high complexity and risky infrastructure, helping you manage logistics, scheduling, and traffic control vital in every significant project. Aligning strategic, tactical & operational execution and continuously monitoring each shipment during the entire process.

Shipments can be delivered directly to your job site or warehouse hub and distributed with a closely controlled budget and delivery time. We always listen carefully to specify our customer’s challenge to find unparalleled flexibility for every project solution.
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Case Study
FIN Projects
We have undertaken several special projects, which now serve as valuable additions to our portfolios. These projects include:

1. Office relocation from Cileungsi to Tanjung Jabung.
2. Office relocation from WTC to Taman Anggrek.
3. Loading/unloading of special cargo/heavy cargo at Site 062 AWS Amazon.
4. Delivery of Conveyor Belt at Indo Minco Bontang.
5. Office relocation from Sunter to Pondok Ungu.