Manage Any Biopharma Logistics Better than Ever
Our revolutionary supply chain and transport solutions ensure efficient product delivery for your business. Experience cost-effective delivery services, including next-day delivery, direct-to-hospital department deliveries, 24/7 service, and within controlled environments.

We handle biologicals, pharmaceuticals (prescription drugs, generics, controlled drugs, and OTC products), vaccines, and clinical trial materials with expert care. Trust us to meet your needs.
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Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia
We go all the way to ensure that all temperature shipment is delivered timely and efficiently while maintaining product quality.

1. Timely delivery, correct temps for Pharma & Healthcare products.
2. Full journey temp tracking for visibility.
3. Varied temp-controlled packaging to prevent excursions.
4. Regulatory & Customs assistance for smooth clearance.
5. Guidance on government compliance for safe handling.
Medical Device
Secure Any Hospital Devices to Your Destination
We have been providing customized supply chain solutions and healthcare logistics services to the medical devices and diagnostics market.

Our comprehensive services cover orthopedic loaner kit management, consignment stock management, procedure-based trolley preparation, sterile picking, clean rooms, technical repair and rework centers, 24/7 standby service, in-hospital replenishments, white-glove deliveries, and spare parts management.
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Hospital Equipment
Handling your healthcare logistics from medical supplies to any pharmaceuticals.
Healthcare - Hospital Pharmaceuticals
Keeping Your Pharmaceutical Goods Precise to Patients
We can also manage your logistics of raw material medicines, vaccines, and any other related pharmaceuticals. We will ensure these items are safe despite a necessity of special temperature control handling with -100 Celsius.
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Hospital Pharmaceuticals
Handling your healthcare logistics from medical supplies to any pharmaceuticals
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Medical Indonesia
We have transported some kind of Medical Diagnostic Device which need special treatment.

Medical Diagnostic Device comes in a range of sizes, and its transportation can be challenging, as a lot of medical equipment can be fragile, heavy, oversized, or otherwise abnormal in shape.

The transportation of these high-value goods is something we specializes in on a local, national, and international scale. Our teams across our network and our specialist import and export service team come together to successfully transport fragile consignments internationally for manufacturers of medical Diagnostics Device.