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The world of logistics is a multifaceted area of expertise although the objective is simply to deliver your goods to your desire destination safely, timely and economically. No matter what size it is, anytime and practically anywhere.
We understand that to deliver your customized requirements efficiently takes intelligence to transform ideas into effective solutions by integrating our creativity, experience and expertise for more than 3 (three) decades in service. A never ends pursuit of excellence that we consistently put in standard practices as one of the leading logistics partner with a world class reputation as our long bind commitment.

  • To be a logistics service provider supporting global trade activities as well as maintaining our distinguish reputation.

  • To be the chosen as a single-source supply chain partner providing services that continuously create value for our customers.

  • To provide innovative logistics solutions for all customer requirements through extensive supply chain

  • To maintain a fast, accurate, and the quality of services.

  • To build a long-term partnership with global players by focusing on quality, cost savings and speed toward a world class solution.

  • We believe in relationship as our bones, establishing and maintaining personalized work with our clients and understand particularity of their business objectives. This approach frequently enables us to assist our clients in creating effective strategies for opportunity leverage.

  • We are creative and experienced expert that commits to practice the highest possible level of service as well as consistently growing and expanding to new frontiers.

  • We are creative and experienced expert that commits to practice the highest possible level of service as well as consistently growing and expanding to new frontiers.

  • Our strength derived from delivering excellence, not numbers.

Corporate Culture

  • Integrity

  • Ordered

  • Fast

  • Accurate

  • Consistent

FIN Logistics Year to Year



As a One-Stop Logistics solution FIN LOGISTICS provides you with prefessional domestic and international relocation services for private household as well as office and industrial equipments.

Office & Industrial Relocation

The process of moving your business successfully can be a real head scratcher that requires precise planning, diverse skills and experience to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.
We deliver a worry free solution from packing, crafting and shipment to designated placement smoothly and efficiently according to the plan details.

Private Household Relocation

We always ensure careful handling and delivery of your furniture and personal belongings using the safest quality packing materials available
to prepare, transport and deliver it cross the corner of the earth.
You can have total confidence in our secure packing and transport
of your valuable possesions.


When your properties require storage before delivered to your appointed destination, we provide excellent storage facility that easily accessible within the business district. Your prepacked furniture and effects are stored in individual fumigated containers so they are protected as well as secluded from other client’s property.

Total Logistics

Sea Freight Service
Sea Freight Service
Air Freight Service
Air Freight Service
Sea - Air Service
Sea - Air Service
Trucking Service
Trucking Service
Handling Service
Handling Service
Charter Service
Charter Service
Customs Brokerage
Customs Brokerage
Logistics Consultancy
Logistics Consultancy
Industry Focus
Industry Focus
Multimodal Solution
Multimodal Solution
Trailer Service
Trailer Service

Contact Us

  • Corporate Office

    Jl. Pejompongan Dalam No. 2
    Jakarta 10210
    PO BOX 17/JKPJ
    Phone (62-21) 570-1700
    Fax (62-21) 574-6021
    E-mail info@finlogistics.co.id

  • Bali Office

    Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 11, Kuta
    Denpasar, Bali
    Phone: (62-361) 756 969, (62-361) 756 970
    Fax (62-361) 757 540
    e-mail findps@finlogistics.co.id

  • Batam Office

    Cargo Building FTO 108
    Bandara Hang Nadim,Batam
    Fax (62-778)761213
    e-mail finbth@finlogistics.co.id

  • Marketing Office

    Jl. Pejompongan Dalam No. 2
    Jakarta Pusat, 10210
    Phone (62-21) 570 1700
    Fax (62-21) 573 1785

  • Surabaya Office

    Jl. Raya Juanda No. 18 Semambung
    Gedangan, Sidoarjo 61254
    Surabaya - East Java
    Phone (62-31) 866 8143, 866 8766, 866 8767
    Fax (62-31) 866 8144
    e-mail finsub@finlogistics.co.id

  • Semarang Office

    Komplek Semarang Indah
    Blok C-8 No.22
    Semarang 50144
    Phone (62-24) 7621 842
    Fax (62-24) 7667 1323
    e-mail finsrg@finlogistics.co.id

  • Airfreight Office

    Kompleks Pergudangan Soewarna A.11
    Taman Niaga Soewarna Blok B Lot I-5
    Bandara Soekarno Hatta - Cengkareng
    Phone: (62-21) 559 11 333
    (62-21) 559 11 334 - Import
    (62-21) 559 11 364 - Export

  • Medan Office

    Jl. Brigjend Katamso Dalam No. 58 O
    Medan, Indonesia 20151
    Phone (62-61) 88812207
    Fax (62-61) 42009212
    e-mail finmes@finlogistics.co.id

  • Jogjakarta Office

    Jl. Wonosari KM 5 Ruko Tandan C-6
    Jogjakarta 55198
    Phone 0811 263 6569
    Phone (62-274) 3159 533
    Fax (62-274) 443 9533
    e-mail finjog@finlogistics.co.id

  • Bandung Office

    Puteraco Gading Regensi
    Blok A II/I Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Bandung
    Phone (62-22) 731 9742
    Fax (62-22) 731 0482
    e-mail finbdo@finlogistics.co.id

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