Supporting Success of the Sports Industry
We take a role in enabling sports organizations, athletes, and fans to participate in and enjoy sports activities. By offering reliable and efficient logistics solutions, we support the growth and success of the sports industry, promoting physical activity, entertainment, and community engagement worldwide.
Let’s Do The Business
Case Study
TISSOT UCI Track Nations Cup
We handle hundreds of contingents and their equipment from various countries with different arrival times, ensuring their smooth entry into Indonesia. Our team serves and escorts them to the event with careful attention and professionalism.

Upon the conclusion of the championship event, we efficiently pack the equipment and make necessary arrangements for their return flights to their respective countries.
Helping your Events & Productions
By offering comprehensive logistics solutions, we enable event organizers to focus on the creative aspects of event planning and execution, while ensuring that all the logistical elements come together seamlessly. This results in well-organized and memorable events that leave a positive impression on attendees and contribute to the success of the event industry as a whole.
Let’s Do The Business
Case Study
Disney on Ice
We were involved in the event "Disney on Ice" in Jakarta last time. The logistics arrived late at the Sea Port from a previous event, so we worked directly with the shipping company and officials to clear the goods using ATA Carnet to ensure the scheduled event in Jakarta ran smoothly. After the event, we sent the goods to the next event in another country.