Customs Brokerage

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We have been dealing with customs clearance for more than 45 years. We know exactly every detail of the regulation and risk to proceed your customs process runs smoothly
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All Major Entry
Airports / Ports

We have comprehensive customs clearance services across all major entry airports and ports. No matter where your shipments arrive or depart, our extensive network and expertise ensure a smooth customs clearance process.

Benefit from our seamless operations, efficient documentation handling, and strong relationships with customs authorities at all key entry points.

Customs Brokerage Services

Our commitment for your business is to provide you these exclusive services. Because your business success is our ultimate goal.


IATA Agent
We have been a part of IATA Agent since 1986. We work closely with major airlines to guarantee your goods onboard.
AEO Certified
With AEO status, our clients enjoy faster customs clearance, enhanced supply chain security, and reduced delays, ensuring their goods reach their destinations swiftly and safely.
CEISA System
Connected to the customs system throughout Indonesia port
Well-Trained and Experienced Personnel
Our commitment is to help you with the best and certified personnel.
Guaranteed Insurance
All of your goods are guaranteed with insurance to make you feel safe and secured.